July 18 2019
Thursday, 7:00 PM

7:00 PM


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Cartooning in General and Specifically

Kehler Liddell Gallery

Kehler Liddell Gallery, 873 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515

For the first conversation in a two-part series, The Art of Collaboration, designer George Corsillo is joined by two longtime associates — cartoonist and historian Brian Walker, and editor David Stanford — for a discussion about cartooning in general, with a specific focus on the book, "Doonesbury and the Art of G.B. Trudeau" (2010), that the trio worked on together. Corsillo's retrospective, More is More, will be on view in the gallery.

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Jul 2019

Cartooning in General and Specifically

7:00 PM | Kehler Liddell Gallery