September 14 2019
Saturday, 4:00 PM

4:00 PM


Visual Art + Museums

Melted Pots & Cooked Books Art Opening

The Institute Library

The Institute Library, 847 Chapel Street
3rd floor, new haven, CT 06511

About the exhibit: We all come from somewhere else whether by choice or under duress, and we bring with us memories, recipes, and comfort in edible form. As these recipes travel, they also change and adapt to local products and available cooking methods. “American Cuisine” is a crucible of admixed cultures, histories, cuisines, spices and traditions. Melted Pots and Cooked Books is the fall/winter exhibit at the library focusing on our collective shifting and intersecting food experiences. Our celebrations are enactments of old traditions, blended with innovations, contemporary preferences and often necessary modifications and modernizations. This project interacts with those from both oral and written traditions and seeks to engage all the senses, including scent and taste, into the traditional word and image setting of the art gallery. Melted Pots and Cooked Books also goes outside of the traditional gallery boundaries in that it includes domestic items and objects not common
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Sep 2019

Melted Pots & Cooked Books Art Opening

4:00 PM | The Institute Library