April 23 2019
Tuesday, 6:30 PM

6:30 PM


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Pizza Passion at the New Haven Museum

New Haven Museum

New Haven Museum, 114 Whitney Ave
New Haven, CT 06510

Whether your favorite slice comes from Sally’s, Modern, or Pepe’s, or one of the newer Elm City pizza joints, you’ll find passionate pizza devotees and lively discussion during Colin Caplan’s upcoming free presentation, “Pizza in New Haven” at the New Haven Museum, Based on his book by the same title, Caplan’s in-depth, history-focused presentation will be followed by a book signing. According to Caplan, New Haven's historic pizzerias dominate the city's food landscape and attract hungry and curious visitors from around the globe looking to satisfy their quest for what is unequivocally the greatest food to ever be made. “Pizza in New Haven” is the culmination of over 140 years of Italian cultural and culinary influence in this storied Yankee industrial city. Caplan will capture a legendary past showcasing the toils of immigration and factory work and the bonds created through preparing family recipes.
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Apr 2019

Pizza Passion at the New Haven Museum

6:30 PM | New Haven Museum