May 17 2019
Friday, 7:00 PM

7:00 PM


Free Event

Hamden Salute to Young Artists

Thornton Wilder Hall

Thornton Wilder Hall, 2901 Dixwell Ave.
Hamden, CT 06492

The 34th Annual Salute to Young Artists Gallery Opening and Performance Showcase will take place in Thornton Wilder Hall (2901 Dixwell Ave., Miller Library Complex) and will feature an evening of performances ranging from instrumental and choral music to spoken poetry and theatrical readings, a gallery opening of visual art, and a reception to follow. The Salute is a 34 year long Hamden tradition that honors the visual and performing talent of 12th grade, Hamden students who were nominated by community leaders, partners, and teachers for their outstanding achievement and commitment to the Arts. This year, the Commission will be honoring these students: Abe Stoner, Ahmed Diakhate, Audrey Vandergriff, Briana Mack, Caleb Jackson, Catherine McEachern, Cindy Lozado, Eland Cruz, Erica Drufva, Gabrielle Morin, Hannah Battipaglia, Jelin Hinton, Kate Mongillo, Kevin Cathey, Matthew Mercado, Miles Singer, Sarah Kuras, Seth Hodgkins, Stephanny Freire, Tiana McGee, Veeane Ayala,
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May 2019

Hamden Salute to Young Artists

7:00 PM | Thornton Wilder Hall