June 14 2019
Friday, 7:00 PM

7:00 PM


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Walking Backward into the Future

Yale Divinity School

Yale Divinity School, Niebuhr Hall
409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Join us for a timely spoken word conversation: Walking Backward into the Future with Pueblo Indian Elder/Master Storyteller, Larry Littlebird from New Mexico and Dr. Greg Valerio, founder of a Celtic Monastic community on the South Downs of the British Isles. Exchanging stories rooted in the ancient wisdom traditions of the indigenous Celtic people and tribal American Indians they illuminate historical layers of settler colonialism, racial injustice and climate disruption. Set apart by land, water and time, they offer a fresh look into our human connections, one to another and to God as Origin. Embarking on this migratory journey of healing and forgiveness, they ask us to join them in charting a way toward peace, justice and reconciliation.
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Jun 2019

Walking Backward into the Future

7:00 PM | Yale Divinity School