$480,000 to 24 Artists across 2 cohorts


The Artist Corps program is for individual artists who are interested in creating projects and initiatives that directly impact the greater New Haven community. The Artist Corps is not just about receiving funding, it's about building non-cash resources (such as connecting people across networks, identifying pipeline opportunities, and meeting more residents through the arts) in order to create a solid foundation for artists to be operationally sound and successful in seeing their art at the forefront of the community. Therefore, selected artists gather + work together as a cohort with support from a team of facilitators.


The New Haven Artist Corps, funded by the Mellon Foundation will focus on the City of New Haven and uplifting stories that are often untold. From 2023 to 2025, two cohorts will work on projects across multiple neighborhoods led by their lead Facilitator. 

Round 1: October 2023 to September 2024

Round 2: March 2024 to February 2025 


Facilitators Rnd 2 (1). Facilitators Rnd 2-1



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Mindi Englart

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Mindi R. Engleart


Mindi R. Englart is a New Haven-based artist, author, and educator. She is the founder and CEO of the Single Mothers Discount Card, LLC.


Project: Revising Your Narrative for Single Moms: Making Art to Heal the Past is a series of workshops for single moms designed to help them reflect on their past and transform the story they tell about it. Participants will have time, materials, & support to process--reduce, reuse, and recycle symbolic elements of--their past into tangible art that can inspire them into an empowered future.



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Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez is an indigenous Zapotec artist, educator, curator, and people-connecter born on Quinnipiac land. Ruby is interested in art based projects that center connecting artists directly with one another, and accessibility within the arts; in the past that includes projects such as Lunch Money Print, an international print exchange.


Project: Fair-Side is a seed rooted in the notion that art is for everyone. The implementation of this notion sprouts to financially compensate artists to have dedicated time to learn new skills in a 3 month period. Afterwards, artists will work together using the skills learned to host their own exhibition showcasing the work made during their time together.


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Tyler Goldchain is a multi-instrumentalist artist, composer, and producer from New Haven, CT. His work allows him to perform around the country, work with major artists and score film and theater productions.


Project: The Uplift Program is a series of educational interactive workshops that inform the participants, primarily teens and young adults, on the current best practices of personal finance and artistic development. Workshops and sessions will be held in collaboration with community partners from the Greater New Haven area. 


Image of Tyler by Coral Ortiz.


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Alana Ladson is an artist from New Haven who loves to read, write, play video games, and draw. She creates both digital art and traditional paintings on canvas and paper. She has a passion for community building and artistry. Her experience is rooted in the arts, education, and advocacy – she loves working with youth, making art, and sharing what her students call “sage wisdom”. Alana particularly loves to draw women of color, nature, and mythical creatures. Additionally, she has a small business ‘Alana Ladson Art’ selling pins, stickers, and art prints.


Project: The Rooted Collective Fellowship is an exploratory artist collective that will bring a small group of BIPOC women and nonbinary folks together to create art and explore themselves and their practices.

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Profile:  Artist Corps

Mitchell Rembert was born in Bridgeport and raised in New Haven. He is the son and apprentice of the late Winfred Rembert. Mitch has been practicing the leather art craft for the last 8 years and with a heavy heart he has taken on the mission of continuing his father's work telling their life experiences. 


Project: Tribute to Winfred Rembert will be an art show in honor of well-known New Haven artist Winfred Rembert. Helping to preserve Winfred's legacy and uplift the community.


Profile: Artsits Corps


Ashley LaRue, the founder of Qommunity, is a New Haven native and artrepreneur. Qommunity is a platform and incubator that celebrates art, cultivates healing projects, and encourages fellowship among and within the local queer community. 


Project: Mend: A Wellness Festival & Exhibition is a curated creative healing project and accompanying wellness festival that serves to bring awareness to mental health and illness while reducing the stigma surrounding it. 


Profile: Artsits Corps


Nadine Nelson is a career educator, chef, artist, activist, and owner of Global Local Gourmet. As an expert in interactive culinary education and experiential event production, she uses food as a catalyst and platform to build community, revitalize the neighborhood, preserve our cultural heritage, and empower people to lead healthier, happier, connected, and more prosperous lives by creating educational and recreational programming around cuisine from seed to waste. 


Project: S.O.U.L. (Sustainable, organic, unprocessed and local) Food Griots brings people together to cook, cultivate community, and inspire activism through the act of preparing food.


Profile: Artist Corps

Jisu is a queer Korean American painter, poet, animator, web designer, and videographer in New Haven. She helped start an art and mental health collective in Connecticut called Places To Go and is one half of the duo Second Floor Hardware School with Kulimushi Barongozi, making a place for people who feel out of place.


Project: Second Floor Hardware School (2FHS) Folk Festival is a space to explore art that comes from the people, where anyone who walks by can get the chance to do magic for themselves. Welcoming people who might otherwise feel unwelcome or out of place in ‘art world’ spaces and instill in them the confidence that all they need are their own stories, their own intuitions and desires about what to create. 


Profile: Artist Corps

Snowprah is a first generation Jamaican American. Born in Bridgeport and raised in the Hill, New Haven. Snow is gods formula to put a city on the map.

Project: Through Her Eyes: A Docu-SeriesThe history of the broken home within Black and Brown communities has been a never ending story for decades. This project is the visual documentary that will focus on the relationships between parents battling drug addiction and their children. It will start by having a true heart to heart conversation between both parties. Artistic expression will begin the healing process to mending their relationship and finding a way to heal together as one. 


Profile: Artist Corps

Vanesa Suarez is a Peruvian-born immigrant and artist living on Quinnipiac Land, dedicated to the empowerment and liberation of women and girls. Vanesa uses art to create spaces where women and girls can recognize their power, beauty, greatness, and resiliency while also inspiring all of us to think more intentionally about the ways in which we are fighting against patriarchy.


Project: Reimagining Freedom for Women and Girls seeks to create communal spaces where women and girls can gather, be in the presence of each other and collectively find their power through art and storytelling.


Profile: Artist Corps


Rashmi Talpade is Wallingford based professional artist with a Fine Arts degree in painting and photography. A recipient of the 2006 artists fellowship award from the Connecticut Commission of the Arts, her award-winning collages are in the permanent collection of the New Britain Museum of Art and the Roopankar Museum of Modern Art in India. She has received numerous grants from the State of Connecticut and the National Endowment for the Arts to support these collaborative community art projects.


Project: We Art No Different - A Public Art project by the Public is a public art project with the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW), a non-profit organization that serves Latino and Asian immigrants who comprise 16% of the town population. The goal is to create 3 large photocollages depicting stories of newly arrived immigrants in Wallingford.


Profile: Artist Corps

JoAnne Wilcox actively works to implement strategies in New Haven that reinforce connection through art, design, and restorative practices. 


Project: The Elevator Service will consist of workshops, circles, and communities of healing, that are built in order to provide the maintenance needed to elevate our relationships, connections, and even our conflicts, in order to address our hurting community. Using journey mapping, photo voice, and large scale community maps, to identify what we already have available to us, what is working, what is in the way of working, and who the helpers are.

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