The Sandbox is a free multipurpose space for Greater New Haven artists and activists to practice, learn, record, present, and perform their craft.

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You asked for space and we listened. The Sandbox incubator is free, and accessible to all Arts Council members, (and membership is Free too!) We encourage creatives from the broadest range of disciplines and all walks of life to use the space. Artists of all stages of development are welcome here. We encourage creatives in this space to embrace imperfection. Wherever you are in your process.

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The Sandbox: Create your Dreams  

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3 handheld wireless microphones
3 Lav Microphones
Black Magic Presenter camera      
High quality advanced sound system
Owl Pro virtual meeting camera
Fully Stocked kitchenette
Electric Piano
6 rectangle tables and chairs
Arts Council The Sandbox

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Sandbox photos from left to right. Carol from New Haven Reads at the Black Children's Book Week Authors Market,  Yolanda Davis 2022 Sandbox Artist in Residence, @chris__chew peacing out before a practice session, author Patricia Bellamy-Mathis at Black Clildren's Book week signing autographs, big smiles.   

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