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Free Membership for groups, non-profits, schools, businesses, art collectives, community organizations, and more. If you are more than one, then consider this way to join and get a free membership. 

  • Host events in our Sandbox, a free creative space for you to use. (We take no fees and no percentage of your sales.) 
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  • Collective Members also have the opportunity to support us in deeper ways such as Advertising, Sponsorships, and Collaboration.


"The Arts Council gives voice to the creative spirit in each one of us, enriching our lives, our communities, and the world."

Lyn Chamberlin, Arts Council Board, CEO LC Leadership Communications




Membership Testimonials
"Thank you so much [Arts Council] for being so available and supportive during the [grant] process. You made truly a model process for how grants can be accessible and welcoming."

Caroline Tanbee Smith, Co-Founder of Collab

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