$255,000 to 38 local nonprofit organizations


This is a total of $255,000 in vital support to nonprofit arts organizations across 15 towns in Greater New Haven. These grants will be used for operations and financial recovery, to boost staffing levels, and create future sustainability.

We are thrilled that every organization that applied secured funding.

Thanks to an American Rescue Plan grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in 2022, the Arts Council awarded 38 small-budget nonprofit arts organizations (under $750k) with operational support funding for financial recovery, to boost staffing levels + create future sustainability.  


Profile: Resiliency Grants


HunneeBee Project

"The funds we secured from the Arts Council have truly had such a significant impact on our programming and opportunities for youth trainees and employees.

We were able to partner with RiseUp in October and pay 2 CT based artists to create a mural at one of our gardens in the South Hill. Members from our team joined with RiseUp, EMERGE Inc, and the neighborhood for a paint along day when the mural was complete and had so much fun."


Music Haven

Profile: Resiliency Grants


Music Haven

The Resiliency Grant allowed Music Haven to not only sustain but to scale up operations in the aftermath of the pandemic as we returned to full-capacity, in-person programming.

Music Haven creates an inclusive community for young people to learn, play, and express themselves through tuition-free classical music lessons and ongoing mentoring with world-class musicians. At the heart of our model is the relationship between teacher and student, and the relationships between the young musicians, themselves — they learn not only from the members of the string quartet, but also from the foundations of chamber music: listening to each other, working as a team, communicating through music, and dedication and focus in service of creating something beautiful together. Through music, they build community, develop resilience and self-confidence, and experience collective struggle and success.

Gabriel Sacco Artspace

Profile: Resiliency Grants



Gabriel (Gabe) Sacco (He) is an interdisciplinary artist who performs for video, sound, images, and writing. Gabriel is from New Jersey and graduated from Fairfield University with a BA in International Studies and Politics. He lives in Shelton, CT, and holds an MFA in Visual Art from Rutgers Mason Gross School of The Arts. Gabriel is an educator, learner, and worker who develops ideas surrounding social responsibility and the role of usefulness in art making, anti-racist pedagogy, and generative and sustainable production models for artists. Cooking, sewing, and gardening influence Gabriel’s practice as an inheritance of the deceased.



Profile: Resiliency Grant


“The Arts Council’s Resiliency grant helps ARTE offer free arts programs, improve critical thinking, analytical skills, and cognitive development. Activities that engage students in purposeful, supportive, and meaningful learning experiences that develop imaginations and support social- emotional well-being.  The pride and joy of our students speak volumes to their self-confidence, motivation, and success.” 

---David Greco – Director

Steve Roberts ArtSpace

Profile: Resiliency Grants



Steve Roberts uses his love of skateboarding and food to create social connection. A native a of New Haven, Connecticut, he began skateboarding at 13 years old. After graduating from James Hillhouse High School, he received a bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College. A 4 year member of the men’s basketball team, he also began work as a community organizer at RIC.  While in Providence, he began working in kitchens, where his passion and appreciation for food was nourished. After moving back to New Haven in 2016, he continued to work in restaurants around New Haven including Zinc and ROIA.

In 2017, he started the Push To Start Skate Program, which uses skateboarding to build community, provide opportunity, and foster civic engagement with the youth of New Haven. The program started in the parking lot behind Stetson Library but has expanded to the Scantlebury Skatepark. Steve, along with fellow New Haven resident, J. Joseph, helped coordinate the construction of the Scantlebury Skatepark as a part of their ongoing Skate Haven (formally Finding A Line:New Haven) project. The Skate Haven bowl, a community sourced, interactive art installation is the most recent FAL project.

Steve is looking forward to including skateboarders in New Haven’s plans for public space, and using skateboarding as a tool for common good and social change.


Profile: Resiliency Grants


EcoWorks CT

Photo credit:  Liah Sinquefield

Ecoworks CT is a social enterprise niche recycler that reduces waste while supporting the arts. As Connecticut's only Creative Reuse Center, we provide low cost rescued art supplies, have a mini maker space with use of our tools, and generate micro-income for 30+ consignors by showcasing the work of creatives in our storfront gallery, the reBoutique. We teach creative reuse techniques throughout the greater New Haven area, paying stipends to teaching artists. We share surplus materials with other partner organizations, organize community crafting for causes and source materials for artists' specific projects at their request. 

" to be sustainable and use things that would have been thrown away, and show people how beautiful they can be", Nadine Nelson, Artist-in-Residence 2022-2023

"Creativity can be nurtured and supported through Creative Reuse Centers but also actualization, that positive reinforcement you get when you create from scratch, by hand.... All of the incredible things that come through our doors are cast-offs, and were disposed of. If you put these same materials in front of different people, you'll come up with a myriad of ideas, designs; functional or whimsical,...Creative Reuse Centers are a great incubator for that", Lisa Spetrini, Ecoworks board chair

"We're at a point in society now, where we just really need to be aware of our environment, more than ever. This sort of repurpose ...and all of them across the country are leaders, the quiet little leaders that need to be pushed forward", Anna Ramirez, Ecoworks teaching artist.

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