In Photos: Burlesque Extravaganza

Linda-Cristal Young | September 19th, 2022

In Photos: Burlesque Extravaganza

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Dot Mitzvah welcomes attendees. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 

One performer lost her voice at the top of the show, and the audience jumped in to help. Another brought out a whip covered in gold that glinted as she moved through her routine and got some in the crowd on their feet. A third  stepped out onto the stage and whipped out a tap dance number that had cheers coming from every direction. 

Those were just a few of the scenes Saturday night, as dozens of attendees filled the courtyard at 168 York St. Cafe for a "Burlesque Extravaganza," one of 25 events for PRIDE New Haven between last Monday and Sunday. Hosted by Dot Mitzvah with performances from Harley Foxx, Miss Cherry Jackson, Kendall Marie, and Leona Star, the night closed out a day of Pride celebrations on a high note. Photographer Linda-Cristal Young was there to capture it all.


Dot Mitzvah and the audience. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


Miss Cherry Jackson. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


Miss Cherry Jackson with the audience. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


A very popular game was Guess that Drawing using audience skin as the canvas - phrases were Booty Call, sex swing, and others along that line. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


Juancarlos Soto with the prizes. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


Harley Foxx. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


Harley Foxx. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. Burlesque20229

Leona Star - Ringmaster. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. 


Leona Star. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. Burlesque202211

Dot Mitzvah. Linda-Cristal Young Photos.


Miss Cherry Jackson. Linda-Cristal Young Photos.



Harley Foxx. Linda-Cristal Young Photos. Burlesque202217

Linda-Cristal Young Photos.