See You In January!

Lucy Gellman | December 27th, 2019

See You In January!

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SeeYou - 1
An installation at West River Arts during City-Wide Open Studios earlier this year. Lucy Gellman Photo. 

To our readers,

Remember that saying that the news never stops? Well, that's true. And it's important. But we will for just one week this winter, so we can do some internal reflection, figure out how to better serve all of you, and take a big breath before heading into 2020. After two and a half (!) years of publishing online almost every day, I and a mighty band of freelancers are exhausted and need a minute to recharge. 

For the third year in a row, the Arts Paper has made the decision to take a publishing vacation from Dec. 30 through Jan. 6, to get a second wind as we head into an exciting 2020 of fine, performing, and culinary arts, cultural criticism, a new mayoral administration (read more about that here and here) and a legislative session that is about to start in Hartford. Our calendars are already filling up with activities for January and February, and we're stoked. Really, really stoked. 

In the meantime, there are tons of articles in our archive that we suggest revisiting, or visiting for a first time if you haven't gotten a chance to read them yet. In response to reader requests earlier this year, we worked to grow our coverage of both music gigs and albums and visual arts, including a new series of studio visits that have consistently blown our minds. 

We've also profiled some of the new artistic leaders in our community at Long Wharf Theatre, Neighborhood Music School, the Yale Center for British Art.  As New Haven heads into a new year, we have stories on how these leaders are shaping their institutions on the stage, in the galleries, and with collaborating partners.  

If you're still hungry for grassroots journalism (and you should be!), check out our partners at the New Haven Independent, WNHH Community Radio (103.5 FM New Haven), The Table Underground, and Inner-City News to see what they're up to. Get to know some of the artists we've met this year, who have challenged us to think about everything from civic responsibility and artistic practice to poetry, shared literary tradition, and culinary wizardry

While we're on break, please consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter, and becoming a free member of The Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Both are completely free and open to the public. Take a tour of The Arts Council's website, and submit your arts events to our the free community calendar. 

Lastly, thank you (yes, you!). We tried to make some institutional and editorial changes this year, often in response to reader feedback, and sometimes we failed. I am grateful for every reader who sent a grievance (especially those of you who were gentle), and to every reader who sent along a kind word or two. You make me want to do what I do every day. You make me want to be better at it. And it really is the best job on earth. 

See you in a week! Best wishes,

Lucy Gellman, Editor